Problem Behaviours?

A Behaviour Consultation is tailored to help you and your dog through specific, behaviour challenges.  

Areas of concern:

  • Destruction/howling/barking when left at home alone
  • Fearful/aggressive towards other dogs or humans.
  • Extreme sensitivity to noise
  • Overly excitable, inability to calm down.
  • Obsessive/repetitive behaviour

All initial consultations begin at your home to discuss your dog’s behaviour and the goals you want to achieve. This may last a couple of hours.

Further training session may be suggested. Each session is followed up with email notes and a suitable training plan is devised. The number of follow up sessions required will depend on the severity of the problem and the training required to overcome the problem.

There are no quick fixes when it comes to behavioural challenges. 

Initial Consultation £95 – approx. 2 hours. followed up with notes to refer to and continue email/phone support offered.

Follow up Coaching – £45 – This may be practising techniques at your home or a coaching walk in a real location.

*For distance over 20 miles there is a £5 fuel charge.​

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