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1-2-1 General Training

Need some extra guidance?


If you are seeking more individual attention to help build a positive learning relationship with your dog, 1-2-1 General Training sessions could be what you are looking for. 1-2-1 general training sessions are designed to improve your handling and training skills. To build more confidence, strengthen your understanding of how to communicate with your dog. How to train, What to train, and When to train. The sessions will teach you foundation understanding of yours dogs behaviour, as well as focus on specific areas relevant to you and your dogs individual needs. General training sessions can cover all your training needs from Recall and Lead walking, to Scent and search work and more. You will come away with new skills to communicate with your dog and new understanding.  (For more serious behavioural challenges please see the 121 Behaviour Consultation details.) Field training session @ Leaps and Hounds training Venue £55 – 60 Mins. Out and about Training – Coaching sessions in real locations £55- 60 mins. Special offer 15% off *Book 3 sessions for £140* All training sessions will require you to fill out a history form prior to the session. You will be sent all the details you need when you book.