Harness or Collar?

Harness or Collar?

Choosing the right equipment for walking with your dog can be a minefield. It will also vary and change over the years that your dog is with you. For most dogs, we suggest a harness is best, in most situations when walking on lead. A harness helps to avoid any unnecessary injury to your dogs neck if they pull on a lead. Finding the right lead and Harness can be tricky, so we can recommend looking at the PERFECT FIT harness from www.dog-games-shop.co.uk. We also recommend the HALTI double clip lead for a good length that can be adjusting for each situation you walk in.

All Collars, Leads and Harness’s for a dog are just like breaking in a new pair of shoes for a human. They may feel uncomfortable at first, may need wearing in. We suggest with all new ‘equipment’ do some rehearsals at home first. Short sessions of wearing the ‘new stuff’ whilst doing something enjoyable such as playing or eating treats. This helps to build positive association with the ‘new stuff’. Then stake it off and watch for you dog to shake. this indicates they have got over the ‘weirdness’. the more rehearsals the better as the ‘new stuff’ gets more familiar and comfortable. Try 3-6 times over a 2- 3 days before you test the ‘new stuff’ out for real.

If your dog looks fearful or tries to hide form the new stuff, you may need some extra advice. Get in touch and we can help.

Any equipment that tells you it is a ‘quick fix’ or ‘Anti-pull’ device is likely to be a gimmick to make you spend money. Most of these types of gimmicks will likely cause discomfort to your dog and unnecessary stress. It could even make your dogs pulling worse over time.

Teaching your dog to walk next to you takes time and practice. If you want some help to learn how, get in touch and watch out for our next post coming soon, about lead walking.