Dog Training
Struggling with your dogs behaviour

Behaviour Challenges

A Behaviour Consultation is tailored to help you and your dog through specific, behaviour challenges.  

Areas of concern:

  • Destruction/howling/barking in the home
  • Guarding of items/areas/people inside and outside the home
  • Distress when left alone
  • Sensitive/ over-reactive towards other dogs or humans or things in the environment
  • Extreme sensitivity to noise/movement
  • Overly excitable, inability to calm down/settle
  • Obsessive/repetitive behaviour
A two part process

1-2-1 Behaviour Consultation

PART ONE: Initial Assessment

60min phone/web discussion OR 60min Initial in person (at distance, outdoors) assessment at our training space in Topsham.

You will be expected to fill out and return a form (sent via email or other means if necessary). During the initial consultation we will discuss the challenges you face, a good management plan and any suggested adaptations appropriate to you and your dog at that time. Relevant supportive information will be sent via email as necessary. We encourage you to take notes.


Following the initial assessment, a second session will take place at an agreed time and appropriate venue. This will last approx. 60mins. Relevant notes, advice and a future plan will be discussed and sent as necessary. If further coaching is needed, this will be discussed at the end of Part Two. The Full consultation Process costs £135. To be paid in full by commence of part 1. All details confirmed via email.


Phone/Web chat only, for 60mins to offer advice and suggested management. The call will be supported by relevant, generic email handouts. An initial history form will still be required to be filled out prior to the call. You will be called at the agreed time/day. We encourage you to make notes.This options costs £45. NB. There are some limitations to the amount of advice that can be offered just over the phone.

Continued support

Follow up sessions

At least one Follow up session is required in most cases. This is discussed and booked at the time of the initial consultation.

The follow up sessions aims to have a more practical element of coaching you in a relevant environment. This may be out on a walk for instance. As well as further discussion and problem solving around the behaviour challenges.

The fee is £45 per hour. Typically, a follow up is approx 60mins.

Some cases may require further sessions. This will be discussed in person.



*For distance over 10 miles there is a £25 fuel charge.

Lucy has been a godsend for our dogs, someone with insight, practical experience and tips that work for our rescue terrier and lurcher. She’s incredibly talented at reading dog body language, up to date in terms of advice around behaviour and treatment, and provides a huge amount of information and support. We’ve had problems due to poor socialising and a previous dog trainer who didn’t understand sighthounds, and she’s really helped us and our dogs have a far better life together. I only wish we’d met her many years ago!

Ben & Kate