Dog Training
Struggling with your dogs behaviour?

Challenging Behaviour Package

Our Behaviour Consultation package is tailored to help you and your dog through specific, intense behaviour challenges. 

The package spreads support over 2 months initially. It includes the following:

  • 10 – 20min phone call- to book your First Session and send you a questionnaire
  • 60-90 mins First Session: assessment, observations and initial advice
  • 60 mins Second Session: current progress and observations and further practical support.
  • Follow up email/phone contact to assess progress and any further need for support
  • All correspondence with you and any relevant other professionals such as Vets or physios.

The cost of this Package is £170.

A £70 deposit is required prior to your First session. The remainder is due prior to your second session.

Behaviours of concern

  • Destruction/howling/barking in the home
  • Guarding of items/areas/people inside and outside the home
  • Distress when left alone
  • Sensitive/ over-reactive towards other dogs or humans or things in the environment
  • Extreme sensitivity to noise/movement
  • Overly excitable, inability to calm down/settle
  • Obsessive/Abnormal repetitive behaviour

Initial Contact

In response to your initial contact, you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out and return. You will also receive a phone call to gather some initial information and to book your assessment. You may be asked to send appropriate videos/photos of your dog and/or your home.

This call will take between 10 and 20 mins.

Initial Assessment

This is either a Remote Session (phone/Zoom) OR an in-person at our Training Venue (Covid guidelines are adhered to).
Depending on the challenges you have will determine if in-person is appropriate. The assessment takes between 60-90 mins. The aim is to expand your understanding of your dogs behaviour and make more detailed observations in order to support moving forward. You will be given direct advice on areas such as management, lifestyle, practical techniques that support helping you and your dog feel better and safer. Any relevant notes, handouts or advice will be sent via email where necessary. Note-taking is encouraged. 

Follow Up Session

Following the initial assessment, a second session will take place at an agreed time and appropriate venue, approx 3-4 weeks later. The aim of this session is to discuss any progress made so far and current observations. We will refine and expand any relevant practical support, and define the steps moving forward. Relevant notes, advice and a future plan will be discussed and sent as necessary.  


Further Coaching Sessions

Whilst the Behaviour Consultation package should provide you with the skills and understanding you need to move forward, in some instances, it is appropriate/helpful to have some further support to make progress.
These coaching sessions aim to have a more practical element of coaching you in a relevant environment. This may be out on a walk for instance. As well as further discussion and problem solving around the behaviour challenges.

Coaching sessions typically last approx 60 mins. 

All further coaching sessions are charged at £50 per hour.

Lucy has been a godsend for our dogs, someone with insight, practical experience and tips that work for our rescue terrier and lurcher. She’s incredibly talented at reading dog body language, up to date in terms of advice around behaviour and treatment, and provides a huge amount of information and support. We’ve had problems due to poor socialising and a previous dog trainer who didn’t understand sighthounds, and she’s really helped us and our dogs have a far better life together. I only wish we’d met her many years ago!

Ben & Kate