puppy training
Are puppy classes for you…

Puppy Classes

Leaps and Hounds offers fun, friendly and informative puppy classes. The main focus of the 6 week course is for you and your puppy to enjoy learning together and understanding each other. The course covers basic life skills, as well as fun tricks, confidence building and useful information about health, nutrition, communication and care for your puppy.

Our puppy training focus’s on Communication in positive, science led ways. 

Areas covered on the course…..

  • Toileting
  • Nutrition
  • Mouthing/ puppy biting
  • Home alone and happy
  • Play
  • Basic training: sit/down/stay/stand
  • Re-call
  • Lead walking
  • Preventing guarding
  • Socialisation

All classes are held outdoors in a training field in Topsham, Exeter. The course is £80 for 6 weeks.