puppy training
Are puppy classes for you…

Puppy Classes

Leaps and Hounds offers fun, friendly and informative puppy classes. The course focuses on teaching you to understanding your puppy, nurture calmness, and build confidence. We cover topics such as lead skills, play and recall, alongside info about nutrition and care, equipment, play and communication. 

Each puppy family will received a 40 page Puppyhood PDF Booklet as well as weekly class notes.

Areas covered on the course…..

  • Toileting
  • Nutrition
  • Mouthing/ puppy biting
  • Crazy to calm
  • Home alone and happy
  • Play
  • Basic training
  • Re-call
  • Lead walking
  • Preventing guarding
  • Socialisation

All classes are held outdoors in a secure training field in Topsham, Exeter, with suitable airy shelter for challenging weather. The course is £90 for 6 weeks. 

Each puppy must be Vaccinated to attend. Please get in touch if you have concerns about this.

Classes are typically run on Weds & Thursday Eves, and all day Saturdays. please email us for further info and the book.